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InvoiQ Premium (3)

  1. To make use of InvoiQ premium, you first have to register for a free account. After completing your registration, you can upgrade from the upgrade page within InvoiQ. If you already have an InvoiQ account, click here to upgrade to InvoiQ Premium
  2. InvoiQ Premium can be prepaid for a fixed number of months. When your subscription nears its expiration date, you will receive an email notification. If you choose not to continue with InvoiQ Premium, your account will be automatically downgraded to InvoiQ Free and you can still be able to use your account.
  3. We keep your attachments in storage for 30 days after your subscription expires. After these 30 days we will delete all your files. If you upgrade again within these 30 days you regain access to files.

Templates (1)

  1. With InvoiQ you can fully customize your invoices & estimate templates. This means that you can change every field, and also every text used. You can easily create a new template, or change an existing template, to meet your customer's demands.

Settings (4)

  1. InvoiQ allows users to create dynamic references for their invoices, estimates, expenses, relations and products. This means that you can create the numbering for your business requires.
  2. Yes, in Settings > Users you can create as many users as you wish. Keep in mind you can only have 1 administrator account.
  3. Yes, go to Settings > Taxes to manage and create your tax percentages.
  4. Yes, go to Settings > Email to configure all your email settings.

Miscellaneous (4)

  1. We use the most modern security technologies available to make sure your data is safe. Some sensitive day will be encrypted server-side to ensure an even higher level of security.
  2. Attachments can not be larger than 10MB. For file type restrictions see the guideline on attachments.
  3. Yes, simply change the currency on your document, and enter an exchange rate. Clicking on the displayed currency paid will help you search the current rate.
  4. The notifications will show you invoices, estimates and expenses that are nearing their due date and are not yet paid or accepted, or documents that are overdue and not yet paid/accepted and require your attention.

Reports (1)

  1. Your tax numbers are reported within the financial report. Generate your financial report by opening the Reports-module.

Invoices (2)

  1. Invoices and expenses have a 'Paid'-button in the toolbar. This button will be green when the invoice or expense has been paid. Clicking this button will also automatically register a payment, marking the invoice paid. In the overview screens, paid documents will be marked green.
  2. Use the 'Copy' button on the toolbar. Your copy will be opened automatically.

Estimates (2)

  1. In the estimate screen, click the button 'To invoice' on the toolbar. You will automatically open your newly created invoice.
  2. Use the 'Copy' button on the toolbar. Your copy will be opened automatically.