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Getting started with InvoiQ

Welcome to InvoiQ!

When you first start with InvoiQ, it is advised to do some basic configuration to make optimal use of your account. Follow the steps below and you will be ready in minutes.

1. Configuring your numbering settings

By default your numbering settings have already been configured. Please verify if the numbering settings meet your requirements. See the guideline on numbering settings for more information.

2. Configuring your taxes

Depending on your location, your required VAT percentages may already have been added to your InvoiQ account. You can create new taxes by going to Settings > Taxes.

3. Creating categories

Categories are great for gaining additional insight into your company's data. You can create separate categories for invoices, estimates, expenses, payments, relations and products. By default some categories have been created for you.

4. Creating product units

Product units are essential for creating clear, descriptive invoices. By default the most common product units have already been added, but it is advised to check if you need other units.

Feel free send us an email at support@invoiq.com if you have any questions or problems with InvoiQ.